Jewellery Care

Caring for your Jewellery

Each item is lovingly handmade by Dolly Up Ginger. Items are created using either vintage-style raw brass or plated metals. We also state in the product description what materials are used to create each item.

Gold & Silver plated metal is when the base metal has a thin layer of gold or silver applied to it. This method is not as hardwearing as gold fill and will gradually wear off with time as with most fashion jewellery bought on the high street.

Please note that jewellery can tarnish over time and needs to be cared for in order to prolong its life. Both perfume and strong body lotions/moisturisers can cause the metal to tarnish due to the chemicals in them that react with the plating, causing them to break down. Try to avoid using these in the area that your jewellery may come in contact with. We also advised not to shower or sleep in your Dolly Up Ginger jewellery and should you be the unlucky one to do the housework, make sure you remove them first!

To keep any items made from raw brass shiny, simply polish with Brasso from time to time. For plated metals, simply wipe gently with mild soapy water and dry off using a hairdryer, not a towel, to avoid any flaking from the gold/silver plating.

Since each piece is handmade for you, it can be delicate so please bare this in mind. When not wearing your Dolly Up Ginger jewellery, keep it in the organza drawstring gift pouch provided and store it in a jewellery box or wrapped away in a drawer.

Most importantly, have fun wearing your jewellery!!!

With Love,

Dolly Up Ginger


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